Privacy Policy


menschmaschine Publishing GmbH uses your personal data solely in compliance with data protection laws.

This privacy policy applies to all present and future tadaa apps and products. Currently (as of the effective date of this privacy policy) the following tadaa products exist: tadaa App (further referred to as „tadaa App“) as well as tadaa 3D App (further referred to as „tadaa 3D App) (together referred to as „tadaa Apps“ or „Apps“. There may be additional Apps in the future. The whole system/product is further referred to as „tadaa“.

1. Definition of personal data

Under German law personal data is defined as follows: particulars about individual or factual circumstances related to a certain or definable natural person („subject“). With regard to tadaa this includes but is not limited to your name and your E-Mail address, your Avatar (if you set one and if you are recognizable on that). If you link your tadaa profile with a twitter/Tumbler or Facebook profile (or other services like Foursquare, Flicker, etc.. if provided) such links may also be personal data.

2. Disclosure of your data/ transmission to third parties

2.1 With registration for tadaa the “tadaa-name” you choose and your “real” name (as provided by you) will be visible for all tadaa users as well as all internet users. We will never show your Email address though and will not give it to third parties.

All photos and 3D-illusions that you publish on tadaa will be visible for any tadaa user as well as all internet users (via your photo-blog at http://www.tadaa.net/[username]). Please see our Terms and Conditions for details. You may choose a venue or location to be associated with your photo when you upload it to tadaa. This is not mandatory though. You may pick an exact location or a region (such as “Hamburg” or “New York”). All pictures and location information can be deleted after upload at any time.

Photos will only be uploaded and published on tadaa when you actively use the „upload function by pressing the “Upload” -button (tadaa App) or „Save & Upload“- button (tadaa 3D App) within the repective app. You may also only use the tadaa App solely as a camera app also. No pictures will be uploaded or transferred to us by using the photo-editing functions.

Due to technical restrictions a use of the tadaa 3D App solely as a camera App is not possible at the moment. There is no way to store or show 3D illusions created with the tadaa 3D App locally on your iPhone (or IPad or IPod). An upload to tadaa is therefore mandtory if you want to keep and share these. You may of course modify or delete your 3D illusions at any time.

In summary:

Please note that you may be identified indirectly if you share your photos, 3D illusions or activities on third party services such as Facebook or Twitter. E.g.: If your registered anonymously on tadaa as user “johndoe” and you link your tadaa account with your real Facebook-Profile you may be identified on tadaa.

Linking tadaa with third party services is optional.

2.2 We will not transfer any of your personal data to third parties without your permission. We may transfer anonymized (error-) logs to third party services such as “Google Analytics Events” or “Flurry”. These logfiles wil not contain any personal data. Please acknowledge that we might be obliged to disclose your personal data in the cause of a legal proceeding.

3. Use of your data / opt-in

3.1 We collect, store and process data in order to get a better understanding of the App’s performance and usability. Our goal is to make tadaa even faster, better and more comfortable to use. We therefore run internal evaluations with a focus on demographics as well as user interests and user behaviour. We might now or in future use the results of these evaluations for promotional purposes. This may include individualized ads, e.g. regional ads or gender specific ads. Furthermore we might use the evaluation results for behavioural targeting. This may include a cross-platform targeting. We might also use anonymized profile information for targeted advertising.

3.2 When you sign up for tadaa you will be asked to give the App permission to access your phones’ address book. This is in order to find other users within the service that you might already know. If you opt for this, all Email-addresses in your phonebook will be anonymized and transferred to us via a SSL-encrypted connection. Anonymized means that a non-reversible hash-value will be generated. We will match these hash values with hash-values that are already stored in our system. As a result we might suggest other users to you that you may already know. With sign-up for tadaa your email-address will be anonymized and stored in the same way as defined above. We do this in order to provide the same function to other users also. Hash-values will be stored permanently for this purpose. Please note that Email-addresses from your phone’s address book will always be transferred to us and others as encrypted and anonymized hash-values only and will never be readable for us. We will never transmit your contacts in any readable form to anyone.

Subject to your prior permission, we will use a similar technology in order to connect you with facebook-friends or twitter followers, Instagram contacts or other services in future. We will in all cases ask for your consent before doing this.

3.3 Using tadaa you give your permission to us to collect, store and use your IP-address, your login-information as well as a login time-stamp. We use this information to prevent and investigate attacks on tadaa. We will also disclose this information to law enforcement agencies if required under the applicable law. Any of this data will be stored for a period of one month.

4.Use of cookies

4.1 Cookies

As many other companies do, cookies are and will be used for tadaa. This will mainly happen on the website www.tadaa.net. A few cookies are also placed within the Apps. The purpose of this is to give you the best possible user experience. Cookies are small text files that allow a user-recognition. This means that a user does not have to provide log in information every time he/she uses the service. Furthermore cookies help us to adapt our services to user-interests. We use cookies to analyze the usage of tadaa and to provide information that might interest you. You may use tadaa without cookies. This will result in a limitation of features that are provided within tadaa. Internet browsers can be configured in a way that all cookies are declined.

4.2 Partner cookies

We may also use cookies that are provided by our partners. Using these cookies, our partners may display ads on our website or within our Apps. Partners may therefore place or read an individual cookie within our browser or mobile device. In connection with the ad placement information about your usage of tadaa might be gathered and transmitted to the advertiser. This includes but is not limited to information about the ad-frequency. Personal data will not be gathered or transferred though. You can therefore not be identified through this. Users can opt-out from this transfer of data using the procedures as described under http://www.doubleclick.com/us/corporate/privacy/privacy/, http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy_ads.html or http://www.meine-cookies.org/. More information about the Apple iAd-System can be found at <http://www.apple.com/privacy/.

4.3 Google Analytics

The website www.tadaa.net (“Website”) uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are text files placed on your computer, to help the website analyze how users use the site. Information gathered through the cookie is in general transferred to a Google server within the USA and stored there. In case that this website has enabled the option for IP-anonymization your IP-addresses will be shortened within the territory of the EU or another of the countries which are contracting parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EWR). In this case only in exceptional cases the full IP address will be transferred to a Google server within the USA and shortened there. Google will use this information on behalf of the Website operator for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Your IP that is transferred from your browser within the Google Analytics process will not be associated with other data of Google. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you will not be able to use the full functionality of this website. You may further block the compiling of data regarding your use of the Website (including your IP-address) through the Cookie, the transfer to Google and the processing of such data by Google. If you wish to do this, you may download and install the browser-plugin available under the link below: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

We use Google Analytics for the Website with activated IP-anonymization as described above.

Further we also use Google Analytics for the tadaa App (iOS). Within the App no IP-addresses are processed. What we do is to create an anonymized (hashed) Device-ID. This will only be used by us and only we are able to associate the Device-ID with your user account.

4.4 Flurry Analytics

Within tadaa we use the Flurry Analytics service operated by Flurry.com 282 2ND STREET, SUITE 202 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105, USA). This service gathers information about user behavior within the app an on our website. We therefore transfer several information to the operator of Flurry.com so that they can aggregate this information into a report for us. This information currently consists of

The data transferred to Flurry will be anonymized (replaced with a Hash-value) by Flurry in most cases. This applies in particular to the IMEI-number, the Device-ID and the MAC-address.

For further information about privacy on Flurry, please see here http://www.flurry.com/privacy-policy.html. You may also opt-out from data processing by Flurry here: http://www.flurry.com/user-opt-out.html

To do this you nee to provide your Device-ID and your Wifi/MAC-address to Flurry.com. Flurry will then deactivate data processing for your device.

5. Facebook Social Plugins / Facebook Connect / Twitter

5.1 SocialPlugins

Tadaa uses or will in future use so called SocialPlugins (“Plugins”). These plugins are provided by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, the operator of “Facebook”. You can identify theses Plugins by the Facebook-Logo within tadaa.

A connection to the Facebook systems will be established any time you access a part of tadaa that embodies a Plugin as well as in other cases where you have established a connection between Facebook and tadaa that has not terminated yet . Facebook will use this connection to display content within your browser/mobile device.

The Plugin will also transfer certain other information to Facebook, e.g. the access of our service through your browser/mobile device. In case that you use Facebook on the same computer as the tadaa website (www.tadaa.net) and you are logged in for Facebook while using tadaa both actions will be linked by Facebook. Apart from the information about the current usage this may result in further actions. E.g. the Plugin may transmit the use of the “Like”-button and store this information within Facebook and display this information in your Facebook profile, depending on your settings.

If you choose the “Upload to Facebook – option” (by chosing the F-symbol or not opting out) during the tadaa-upload, your picture or a link to your picture will be uploaded to your Facebook profile and be displayed there. You may edit your settings on facebook-sharing under the settings-option within the tadaa Apps.

The Twitter- and Tumblr upload function or uploads to other services work on a similar functionality.

Details about the use of data by Facebook are provided within Facebook’s privacy policy under http://www.facebook.com/policy.php . These include information about appropriate settings and privacy protection.

You may prevent the transfer and use of data to/by Facebook by logging there out before you use tadaa.

5.2 Facebook / Twitter log-in / shared and linked usage

You may sign up for tadaa using an existing Facebook account. Any transfer of data through Facebook is subject to your prior permission. If you opt in for facebook signup a new tadaa account will be created using your Facebook dataset. Furthermore a connection will be established between your Facebook and tadaa account. You may cancel this connection again within your Facebook account settings. A similar service is provided for Twitter accounts, using “oauth”/”xauth” or other third party services but in any case only upon your privor approval.

If you choose to use tadaa for sharing content on Facebook, Twitter or other third party services, the privacy policies of these services apply. More information can be found on www.facebook.com and www.twitter.com.

6. Deletion of your data

You may at any time edit or delete your data within your profile information. You may delete at all times your photos and 3D illustions posted as well as your comments. Editing photos and that have been posted is not possible due to technical restrictions at the moment. You may edit your comments and location info though. You may also delete and post these again at any time though. If you wish to completely delete your account you may request this by Email to info@tadaa.net. We will then delete your account within one working day. You may request undo of an account deletion within a period of two weeks. After this all data will be deleted permanently.

7. Data security

We use best efforts to protect your data within the scope of applicable data protection laws. Still there is no guarantee for an absolute secure communication. Therefore third parties might theoretically be able to use the information and data that you transmit over the internet. Menschmaschine Publishing GmbH is not liable for any kind of disclosure of information to third parties due to communication errors or unauthorised access.

8. No liability for third party services

We work with several partners whose services are accessible through tadaa. These third parties usually provide their own privacy policies. We are not liable for these third party policies.

9. Use of tadaa without registration

You may use some functions of the tadaa App (but not the tadaa 3D App) without prior registration. This includes most of the camara and photo editing features that do not require a use of the photo sharing/broadcasting service. We will not create a user profile in this case.

10. Device ID

The App will with initial start transfer your IPhone Device ID to menschmaschine Publishing GmbH. We do not use the IPhone UDID for this. The device ID is an ID specially created by us solely for recognition of your device within tadaa. We will store this ID to recognize your device as a unique client.

This transmission will take place by device-handshake from time to time when you start the App.

We collect this data to measure general user activity and to address unregistered users through notifications within the App as well as for security reasons (effective prevention of fraud and misuse of the service.

11. Earlier versions of this privacy policy

Earlier versions of privacy policies may be applicable if you have registered before 16th August 2013. These are provided upon request. Please email to info@tadaa.net for this purpose. If you have registered before 16th of August 2013 and wish this privacy policy to be applicable please also notify us via Email. There are no drawbacks for you if an earlier version applies to you. In any case that the current version is more favourable for you than an earlier verision, the regulations of the current version will apply for you.

Hamburg, August 16th 2013

This English language version of the tadaa privacy policy is provided for convenience purposes only. The German language version is accessible under http://www.tadaa.net/de-legal-privacy.html. In any case of contradictions, solely the German language version applies.