Camera & Editing

How do I take a photo?

Tap on the Camera in the middle at the bottom, this opens the camera, now shoot!

I want Tadaa to start in Camera mode – how do I do that?
  • Go to "Profile"
  • Go to the settings gear in the top right corner
  • Switch on "Start with Camera"
How can I use existing photos from my Photo Library?

There are 3 ways to access your Photo Library:

  • Hold down the camera button
  • Swipe the camera button to the top
  • Open the camera, now tap on the small photo in the bottom right, this opens your camera
How can I take multiple shots with Tadaa and edit them later?

There are two ways to switch on continous shooting:

  • Go to Profile > Settings and activate "Continuous Shooting"
  • Open the camera and activate the continuous shooting button on top. It's the button in the middle.


How can I change the order of tools?

This is how you manage your tools:

  • Open a photo
  • Swipe all the way to the left and select "Manage"
  • Drag and drop the tools
What is Mask and how do I use it?

Masking helps you to expose your object. You mask what you want sharp and in focus, Tadaa blurs the rest. Mask with your finger by painting the object. Edge Detection helps you with that. You can also zoom in with two fingers for details and precise masking.

How does Edge Detection work?

Roughly paint the edges of your object in the masking tool. A thin line shows you what is inside the masking border.

I masked too much, how do I undo it?

Just switch to the "Erase" tool when masking, it is in the bottom left.

I want my masking brush more feathered, how can I change it?

Open the "3D Editor" tool and disable Edge Detection. Now tapping the mask button multiple times lets you choose between Soft Edge and Hard Edge brush.

What is Blur & Bokeh?

In Blur & Bokeh you can define what you want your blur to look like.
Bokeh is a japanese word describing the aesthetic quality of blur. While actually everybody wants crystal sharp photos, you do not always want to have everything sharp. A portrait looks much better if only the face is sharp, and highlights in the woods or on the water can make beautiful "bokeh discs". All Tilt-Shift apps on the market just apply a cheap "gaussian blur", which looks like opal glass, not like actual blur. Tadaa simulates the real, optical blur (and bokeh) of a complex, optical lens. Well THAT is unique!

What are these lines that show when I open the Focus tool?

These lines help you define which parts you want sharp and which parts you want blurry.
The two inner lines mark the area that's completely sharp. The outer lines mark the blending between sharp and blurry.
You can move these lines up and down and you can also pinch it to broaden the sharp area or turn it around. You can also move the inner lines only.
If you mask an area, these lines help you to give your photo a more realistic look. Choose Circular or Linear and place it right beneath your masked object. This will give it some ground to stand on.

  • All: Blurs everything except your masked area.
  • Circular: Defines a sharp round shaped area.
  • Linear: Defines a sharp straight shaped area.
  • Off: Switches off the blur.

What is Aperture?

In Aperture you can define the intensity of your blur. Do you want it all just out of focus or really blurry?

What is Range?

Often you might want to have a smooth blending from the masked object to the blurry background. Use "Range" to adjust how much diffusion you would like.

What is Gloss and Highlights?

If you have highlights in your photo, you will see round bokeh disks in your blur. Photos which contain lots of hightlights are for example blurry trees or streetlights at night, just experiment a little to find out what works best.
In Highlights and Gloss you can change the intensity of these Bokeh disks.

What are these shapes for (e.g. stars, heart, butterfly, flower...)?

You can choose which shape you want for your bokeh! Snap a photo with highlights, mask and then choose your shape.

How can I apply Filters?

You can apply filters by pressing the "Filters" button – you can also reduce the intensity of the filter. You can also swipe left and right to change the filters.

How can I change the order of my filters?

This is how you manage your filters:

  • Open the Filter Tool
  • Swipe all the way to the left and select "Manage"
  • Select the filters you want to disable/enable
What is Brightness, Contrast and Saturation?

Brightness is to lighten or darken your photo.
Contrast adds or takes contrast.
Saturation increases or decreases the colors of your photo.

I only want a part of my photo or change the format – how do I use crop?

Select "Crop". Here you can choose your photo format. To crop the photo pinch the photo with two fingers.

I want to flip my photo, how can I do that?

Select "Crop", then press the "Rotate" button in the bottom right.

How can I straighten my photo?

Select "Crop", then press the round button at the bottom of your photo and move it left or right. Lines will appear to help you with that.

What does the Perspective Tool do to my photo?

With Perspective you can correct your architecture shots or anything that needs some tweaking. It is a Scheimpflig-Simulation and it works as if you could move your camera after taking a shot – and change the Perspective.
Use your finger to strech and align the perspective. Each part can be tweaked differently. To see the before-after effect just hold down your finger on the photo.

What does the Grading Tool do to my photo?

Exposure: Exposure helps you to correct a wrong lighting of your photo. You can make it brighter or darker.
Tint & Temperature: These sliders help you to manage the color shades of your photo.

How does Repair work?

Repair brightens shadows and rescues highlights, use all the foot- and headroom you have. Great for night shots and over-contrasty photos.

What does the HDR Tool do to my photo?

Add a HDR/Tonemapping effect to your photos with one simple slider. Works best in combination with the Clarity Tool.

What does the Vignette Tool do to my photo?

Vignette lets you lighten or darken the edges of your photo. You can also change the center of the vignette, just use your finger to move it.
Intensity: Move the slider left to darken, move it to the right, to lighten the edges.
Range: Defines the blending level. Smooth on the right, hard on the right.

What does the Clarity Tool do to my photo?

Clarity sharpens your photo. Use the slider to choose the perfect sharpness for your photo, subtle on the left, extreme on the right. Remember: Sometimes less is more.
Is often used in combination with the HDR Tool.

I want a frame around my photo – where do I find it?

Add a frame to your photo, by selecting one in your Frame Tool.
This is how you manage your frames:

  • Open the Frame Tool
  • Swipe all the way to the left and select "Manage"
  • Select the frames you want to disable/enable
What does the Colorshift Tool do to my photo?

Add and repair chromatic abberation to your photos for spacy pinhole effects.

What does the Distort Tool do to my photo?

Correct and add pincushion- or barrel-distortions to your photos. Also known as the fisheye-effect.

How does the Snapshot Tool work?

With Snapshot you can preserve your photo and the editing history at any stage of editing. Just hit "Add Version" and continue editing with hitting the "Use" button.
Add as many filters and adjustments to your photo as you want – without losing the history!
Save different versions of your photo right from the Snapshot tool.
Edit older versions at any time by selecting the snapshot from your Photo Library. The snapshots are linked to your original, you will notice the snapshot symbol.
Please note though: Your snapshots are gone in case you re-install Tadaa. Please make sure you saved all the stages you want before re-installing Tadaa!

What does the Reset Tool do?

Reset discards all edits and changes you made to your photo, starting all new.

How can I check the edit changes I did and see a before-after?

To see the before-after effect you simply have to long-tap on your photo. Hold down your finger to see the original. Works in the editor and in all tools.

How can I save my photo to my Photo Library?

When you finished editing, just hit the "Save" button in the top right corner.
Please make sure that you allow Tadaa to access your Photo Library in the Apple Privacy Settings.
All your edits will stick to your original, in case you want to re-edit it slightly different, just open your original again and continue.

Tadaa no longer saves photos to my Photo Library! Help!

This is happening due to Privacy Settings in iOS. It is easy to fix though:

  • Open the Settings App (the one from Apple, with the gears in the Icon)
  • Tap Privacy -> Photos
  • Scroll to "Tadaa" and enable the switch again.
  • This allows the App to write photos to your Photo Library again.

Do I have to upload my photo to save it to my Photo Library?

No! You decide which photos you want to share. You can always save your photos without uploading them. Just don't hit the Upload button after saving.

Why are the photos saved "only" in 2048x2048 pixels?

The reason why Tadaa only saves 2048px long side is the OpenGL Buffer Size of your iPhone. To create the effects Tadaa is known for, it uses the graphics processing unit (GPU) of the devices, otherwise it wouldn't be able to render it so fast (even big computers need longer for these effects). The pixel size of your images also depend on which iPhone you are using and if you cropped while editing.
Plus – we never blow up a photo and make it bigger than it is -- since that only adds weight, but no quality. The size of the file is not most decisive for the image quality. We use a saving method that keeps the quality high and at the same time reduces the size so it doesn't waste space on your phone.

What does the "High Quality" switch in my settings do?

If you switch on High Quality, Tadaa will save your photo effectivly without any loss of quality. Switch it off to save space on your phone – your photos will be more compressed after saving.


How many filters are included in a Filter Pack?

Filter Packs usually include three different filters. You can also buy Bundles of Filter Packs and Tools.

Tadaa Community

How can I sign in to Tadaa?

You can sign in to Tadaa via Facebook, Twitter or via Username/Mail.

My Facebook/Twitter does not work. How can I log in now?

Contact us at info@tadaa.net and we will send you a password.

Where does my photo go when I upload it?

Your photo is shared to the loving and caring Tadaa community. A community of photo lovers and creators.

Can I share my photo to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr??

Yes, just hit and activate the Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr button before uploading. It will ask you for your permission.

Can I share my photo after uploading?

Yes, you can share your posted photo to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest. Or via Mail and Textmessage. Just hit the sign "box with arrow" in the bottom right of your photo. Then select the way of sharing.

Why can I only use three hashtags?

Since unlimited hashtags are more open to abuse and spam, we set a limit of three. It can be helpful to choose the most important and relevant ones :)
You can also follow hashtags on Tadaa, just search for it in the search (don't forget the #) and tap "follow" — photos with this hashtag will appear in your Newsfeed.

How can I hide my location when posting?

You can switch off your location right below your caption.

Can I change or remove the location information of my photos?

You can remove your location by tapping the sign "box with arrow" in the bottom right of your photo. Then select "Remove Location".

Can I set privacy options for my photos?

Of course you can always save your photos without uploading them. Just don't hit the Upload button after saving.
But at this point, everything you upload on Tadaa is public. Tadaa is a broadcasting service – those that "tune in" can receive your program. If you do not want a photo to be visible for the public, you should not post it on Tadaa. We are working on private profiles though.

How can I delete a photo I posted on Tadaa?

You can delete a photo by tapping on the sign "box with arrow" in the bottom right of your photo. Then select "Delete Photo".

I want my Homefeed to show big photos/small photos — how do I change it?

You can choose between two different display modes of your feeds:
Card view (big photos) and Grid view (small photos). You can change the display mode with the symbol in the top left corner.
When in Grid view you can also pinch with two fingers to control the size of the photos displayed.

I want to see more details of a posted photo

You can zoom in by tapping on a photo until your screen shows the photo only. Now double tap on it and enjoy all the details!


How can I edit my profile?
  • Go to "Profile" in the bottom right
  • Go to "Edit Profile" below your userphoto.
How can I change my Userphoto/Avatar?
  • Go to "Profile" in the bottom right
  • Tap the "•••" below your header image
  • Select "Edit Profile"

How can I change my Motto and Website?
  • Go to "Profile" in the bottom right
  • Go to "Edit Profile" below your userphoto.
  • Tap on your photo to change it.

How do I change my Profile Header?
  • Scroll to the Photo in your gallery which you would like to have as your Profile Header
  • Tap on the sign "box with arrow" in the bottom right
  • Select "Use As Profile Header"
Can I change my username?
  • Go to "Profile" in the bottom right
  • Go to "Edit Profile" below your userphoto.
  • Select "Change Username"


Yes, just hit "Home" and swipe all the way up.
With our search you can discover places, photographers, photos. It searches in captions, hashtags and locations. Switch to "Users" to search for someone.

How can I mention someone in a photo or comment?

Mention someone in a photo or comment by using @ plus username. For example mention @info for help on Tadaa and we will be notified about it.

How do I like a photo?

Like a photo by tapping on the heart below to the photo, or use the fast track: double-tap on the photo to like.

How can I comment on a photo?

Comment on a photo by tapping on the comment bubble below the photo.

How can I add a photo comment to someones photo or comment?

Photo comments are very helpful for communication without words or for challenges.

  • Add your photo to another photo or even another comment by tapping on the comment bubble of the photo or the comment.
  • Now tap on the small camera symbol text input line.
  • Select or take a photo and post it!

How can I delete a comment?

Just swipe over it with your finger, from right to left – this will reveal a "delete" button. If you don't like a comment on your photo made by someone else, you can delete it the same way.

Can I edit my comment? I made a bad typo.

Nope, that is not possible for technical reasons. However, you can either delete your comment and write it again – or just add another, correcting comment.

How do I know if someone liked or commented on my photo?

All your Notifications are listed in "News". If you allow Push-Notifications for Tadaa, you will be notified via Push. You can also receive Emails about everything that's going on.

What is activity?

Activity is located in the News section. It shows the activity of the people you follow.
If you do not want to share your activity with your followers, go to Profile > Settings > Social Networks > Do not share my activity

Too much noise! How can I configure Push Notifications?

You can change your notification settings in Tadaa: Profile -> Settings -> Notifications

How do I find my friends on Tadaa?
  • Go to "Profile"
  • Tap on the Settings gear in the top right corner
  • Select "Find Friends"
Are you uploading my address book to your servers?

No! We don't do such nasty things and never did. We only generate a "checksum" for each email address we find in your Contacts and send only that to our servers – and only if you asked for that. This checksum can not be traced back to the contact or email address it was generated from. It still allows us to suggest you people that you know. Kinda magic, isn't it?

How can I explore awesome users and great photos on Tadaa?

Our Awesomefeeds help you discover stunning photos by fantastic photographers on Tadaa.

  • Go to "Home"
  • Unfold the Awesomefeeds by tapping on the bar on the top
You can do a lot of pearl-diving here and find great people to follow!

Help, I forgot my password!

If you want to change your password:

  • Open Tadaa
  • Tap on Sign in and select "Forgot Password?"
  • Tap that and you will get a link via mail where you can change your password.
What does Reposting mean?

If a photo gets reposted, it is inserted into the Homefeed of all the followers the reposting person has. You should repost a photo to show it to your followers. When you get reposted, your photo will be seen by lots of new people that would otherwise have missed it.
If you repost a photo, it will be only shown to users that haven't seen it in their feed in the past 1-2 weeks anyway. This avoids that photos are shown again and again.

Isn't it violating my copyrights if someone reposts my photo?

No. The photo will always be displayed as yours – with your username, your caption and all the data you entered. All comments and likes go to you. The reposting users do not get any credit, they just helped you becoming more visible.

How can I delete a Repost?

You can delete a Repost by tapping on the sign "box with arrow" in the bottom right of this repost. Then select "Delete Repost".

Help! I don't want to get all these reposts!

If one of the people you follow reposts a lot, or simply too much for your taste, just go to their profile, tap on the "•••" below their header photo and disable "Receive Reposts". You will still get their own photos, but not their reposts anymore.

I saw a photo that made me wonder if it is appropriate for Tadaa. What kind of content do you allow?

Check §4 of the Tadaa Terms & Conditions. The minimum age for Tadaa is 14 years. If in doubt, consider what a 14 year old person is allowed to see on TV, advertising or at the movies. That's not a bad guideline.

I saw copyrighted material / porn / violence on Tadaa. What can I do?

You can help us with filing an abuse report. That's easy: Tap on the sign "box with arrow" in the bottom right. Select "Abuse Report".
The reported photo will disappear from your feed and will be inserted into our content review system, which we review and check constantly to take appropriate action. Your abuse report is anonymous. We will contact the originator of that content, but never mention your name or identity.

How does blocking a user work?

You can block users in two ways:
A: Go to their profile, tap on the "•••" below their header photo and enable "Block"
B: Go to the List of people following you and swipe over their name. This reveals a "Block" Button
When you block users,

  • they do not get notified of being blocked
  • they can no longer follow you
  • they can neither like your photos or comment on them. Their input never makes it into the system


How can I change to light/dark theme?

You can change the theme by swiping up or down with two fingers. Or in your Settings.

Is there a way to keep on track of updates and stuff?

You can follow us on Tadaa: @info
or on facebook and twitter

It is crashing – what can I do?

We are sorry about that and constantly working on stability! Please try to tap on "Clear Caches" in the Settings Tab. You need to login after that, but no data will be lost.
Also a reboot of your iPhone helps in 90% of the cases. Just hold the Lock button and the Home button simultaneously until the screen goes black, then turn the phone back on.
By the way – if Tadaa was crashing while editing a photo, it's most possible that the edits are still there, just open the exact photo from your Photo Library again.

How can I delete my Tadaa account?

While we are still working on an online cancellation system, just drop us an email to info@tadaa.net from the email address you used for registration and we will follow up shortly. By the way, there is no need to delete all your photos manually, we will do that for you with a magic keystroke.

Can I log in with multiple devices?

Yes. You can use your account simultaneously on your iPhone, your iPad, your iPod and your secondary iPhone. :)

Is Tadaa localized to German/French/Italian/Tagalog/etc.?

Not yet. This is definitely on our agenda though.

Is there an iPad version of Tadaa?

Not yet. We absolutely want that too and love the iPad — but we are a tiny tiny team only and can only do three things at a time. It is on our list of things to do though. In the meantime, we made sure that at least the full-screen photos as well as the maps are rendered in high resolution.

Is there an Android version of Tadaa?

Not yet. The Android platform unfortunately brings a lot of fragmentation, which makes developing and especially testing very resource intensive. We absolutely want to support Tadaa on Android as well, so it is just a matter of time when we will get this done.

Is there a version of Tadaa for Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone?

Nope, unfortunately not yet. Maybe this changes one day — we actually want to see Tadaa everywhere. We even want your digital SLR to have a Tadaa button one day. Imagine how cool that would be!

Is there a Tadaa version for Windows/Max/Linux?

Not at this point. While our API would make this pretty simple, we do want to be a platform mostly for mobile photos. We do not have anything against edited photos or photos you took with your DSLR, but we do not want to become an all-purpose image hoster. We'll see what the future brings.

Do you guys have a public API?

Not yet. While our API is really simple and yet powerful, we have not opened it up at yet to the public. If you have a compelling plan what you would want to do with it, let us know at info@tadaa.net . Maybe you convince us? :)

Who are you?

We are a tiny team of six, Friedemann, Niko, Mathias, Paul, Richard and Clara. The Tadaa headquarter is located in the Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany.

But, where...?

I miss my "Apply" button!

It is not gone, we just made it even better! Check out the awesome Snapshot tool — it is an Apply button with history!

Where is my Light-Table?

Your Light-Table moved to your Photo Library (check Snapshot). This way your photos are all save and sound.

Where are the Tollars I collected?

Sorry, the Tollars are gone. We understand that it took you a lot of effort to reach this number. We might work something out in the future that could satisfy you even more.

Where are the Awesomefeeds?

The Awesomefeeds moved to the "Home" section. Just unfold on top of your Timeline.

My question is not listed here, help?

Send us an email to info@tadaa.net and we will help you.